ADVANCED World of Warcraft BOTS


Advanced wow bots

There are many wow bot that will automate all WoW-related activities. Such as stand alone Rotations or full questing, gathering & leveling. Now available for TBC, Classic Season of Mastery and Retail.
Extensive functionality that will allow you to speed up the process of questing, grinding & gathering.
Easily create your own profiles or use pre made ones for farming or leveling by questing & grinding from 1 to 70.

ABOUT our Warcraft Bots


What is the safest WoW Bot?

While no longer requiring LUA Unlocker to bot with as they provide more risk, our bots provide the option to automate your gameplay with many advanced features of gathering and questing or combat rotations that works on memory. With 1-70 profile included for TBC automated for you. You can choose the WOWMimic Advanced memory bot which includes API to create your own scripts for questing, grinding, leveling and gathering or use preset scripts that are included or for a simple grinding bot the OWL Pixel Bot may be adequate.

custom wow bot options

Be it Farming, Battlegrounds, Grinding, Questing & PvP, we got you covered. Get started automating in Retail, Classic Season of Mastery & TBC. Multi session functionality included and warden protection at it's finest. The pixel bot option that is popular known as owl bot.

What can THIS WoW Bot do for me?

Automate your WoW Gameplay as you see fit. Farming, Leveling, or PvP. It does it all, and very well. With customizable profile scripts & easy waypoint creation, you can automate as many sessions as you like while it runs in the background. With the ability to use other bot profiles by other developers too.



WOWmimic is an advanced memory based WoW bot providing the ability to do background leveling, questing, gathering & battlegrounds. And with the optional pixel grinding Owl Bot which both have consistent development being done. Custom Rotations script are also available to be ran whether for Pve or Pvp, you will top the meter charts. Feel free to try before signing up for a month by acquiring a trial key to each bot that is available and start automating your gameplay to your style you will be glad you did.


No lua unlocker rerquired

The existing “WoW unlockers” in the market provide such little security that can usually result in a ban as they use in game bots to call protected functions. This causes you to purchase multiple products, we believe more can be done with less and our team of developers stand by their work and ensure security. Our history speaks for itself and our updates are always safe, with the ability to request any features for API changes for making your own scripts to run on WOWMimic.


Easy to use LUA WoW Bot API

No need for external LUA Unlockers just to run your custom scripts. We are bringing back the glorious all inclusive botting tools that people are use to being able to push a button and quest or start their rotations script. To achieve human like movement and pathing the option to use Click-To-Move (the notorious yellow circle on the ground) or simulate every movement action like how 99% users usually play via keyboard which is sometimes inconvenient for instance farming scripts. Any features can be added simply use our helpdesk for custom requests.

woW Bot Choices

Advanced Memory Bots

Private memory bot now available to the public
$ 20 Monthly access
  • Works as standalone Rotations Bot, auto face target & more!
  • API access to make your own scripts from questing, gathering & grinding profiles to custom rotations for pvp.
  • Questing, Leveling, Gathering & PvP all done for you.
  • NO LUA Unlocker required, has unique built in injection method allowing it to run in the background.

Owl Bot

The usurping Pixel Grinding Bot
$ 20 Monthly access
  • Ability to use as stand alone rotations to play with manually
  • Pixel grinding can run on VM, works for Classic & TBC using Customized weakauras addon.
  • Easy setup launcher & profile creator included with pro bundle.
  • 1-70 Profiles included for both Factions with your purchase so you can have a quick setup, no other pixel bot compares.


WoWMimic profile recorder

Use the custom waypoint recorder simply by pressing start and running your character in the path that you choose to record. You can make grinding profiles, gathering paths, and even your own questing scripts utilizing our API access provided to you. Or simply use a preset script that will run flawlessly that is included in your download.

Developer support provided

Each bot has it’s own development team and discussion forum, you can request any features you want to see in future updates and get real time help from the creator of these products making your automation that much more enjoyable knowing you’re in good hands makes a big difference.

Bringing quality wow bots to you for the past decade.